Art – Selection of Drawings, Paintings and Prints

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Art – Selection of Drawings, Paintings and Prints

Influenced by my theatrical background I often see the narrative potential in my subject matter and view nature as potent and communicative. Some of the work shown here, created as a response to my time spent walking in the wilds of the Cornwall, exemplifies this idea.

Angelica series took root during an encounter with a robust and vivacious Angelica plant who appeared to shake her fists at me. I developed a relationship with the plant, drawing and painting the different stages of her sex life and journey towards entropy. 

Blue Raven limited edition screen print (in collection of British Museum Dept. Print and Drawings) and Crow are part of a series of 4 (different) bird prints created from vigorous drawing made in situ. The bold and direct portrayal of the birds is intended to distil something of the essence of its power, presence and symbolic meaning. 

Butterfly Effect series (digital prints on untreated silk) are in response to Climate Change crossing over the boundaries between fashion, textiles and art.