21 Things I Love (2007 – 2011) – Eco Fashion & Costume Design

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21 Things I Love (2007 – 2011)
Eco Fashion & Costume Design

Concept/Design: Andrea Carr
Technical Interpretation: Kim Fleary
Launched at Pret-a-Porter, So Ethic, Paris 

In 2007 I set up with (former partner) Kim Fleary 21 Things I Love to explore eco materials and design ethical clothing, ‘fashion with an ethical heart’, where each design had a narrative thread and was inspired by something I loved.

The clothes were made to order in the UK and with minimum waste. 21 Things I Love exhibited at various fashion shows in London and Paris. 

Although, no longer promoted as a label it greatly influenced my theatre practice introducing the use of eco-fabrics, such as bamboo jersey and expanding my approach to costume design.

A number of signature pieces made from natural hemp, silk, organic cotton, bamboo jersey and recycle fabrics.

No 1. Butterfly Effect inspired by chaos theory incorporated long ribbons that could be pulled to effect different outcomes. The concept was then used to explore costumes for dance, currently forming part of a dance/animation collaboration with Samuel Overington.

No 2 Rags 2 Riches used weaving, organic tweeds/recycled fabrics and spiralic forms. reworking a traditional craft. 

No 3. Climate Change textiles explored unstable weather systems to create dresses and artworks digitally print on silk.

Butterfly T-Shirts bamboo and organic cotton, ‘help the butterflies help the bees’, 21 Things I Love supported bees, donating a percentage of proceeds from t-shirt sales.