McGough’s Menagerie

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McGough’s Menagerie
by Roger McGough

Set Design, Interactive Props, Workshop: Andrea Carr
Poetry International 2000
South Bank Centre
Royal Festival Hall
and Purcell Room

Created as a promenade performance and participatory project the Junk Creature toured the South Bank Centre forming part of a parade, before being repurposed as the set for Roger McGough’s poetry performance in the Purcell Room as part of Poetry International. The Junk Creature, inspired by Roger Mc Gough’s poetry, was created from recycled, reclaimed brightly colored bill board posters, plastic plates, bottles, garden hose etc. and featured ‘poetry plates’ with poems written by children.

Roger McGough appeared on stage by entering through the mouth of the Junk Creature as it billowed smoke. The audience, who had been given interactive ‘Lucky Dip’ bags containing items that related to the poems, were then invited by Roger McGough to participated in the performance e.g. Didgeridoo, ‘Hand Fish’ glove. The show was featured on News Night.