The Chairs By Ionesco

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The Chairs by Ionesco

Translation: Martin CrimpProducer: Extant
Director: Maria O’Shodi
Ass. Director: Julie Osman
Set & Costume: Andrea Carr
Lighting: Steve Lowe
Sound: Peter Boshier
Old Woman: Heather Gilmore
Old Man: John Wilson Goddard 


Arena Wolverhampton & Albany Theatre Depford 2014 with thanks to Scenery Salvage and Tim Williams

A prescient work by Ionesco. It has been set in a post-apocalyptic future within a disused flooded research station surrounded by rising toxic sea levels. Invisible guests gather at the invitation of two old people. The Old Man is getting ready to impart a great message and is waiting for an Orator to speak on his behalf. Absurdist drama, given an extra dimension, performed by visually impaired actors.

Concealed entrances within the set are revealed as the Old Lady frantically prepares, bringing in over 40 chairs and ‘partial’ chairs in an attempt to find seats for the invisible guests. Special attention was paid to the tactile nature of the design, both for the ‘touch tour’ by visually impaired audiences and the performers. A tactile floor plan was created with different textured zones to aid with navigation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The set is made entirely from reclaimed/recycle scenery and objects and is to be recycled back to Scenery Salvage after the re-tour planned for 201516.