Nodus Tollens The DH Ensemble


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Director: Jenifer Bates

Project Producer: Erin Hutching

Sound: Emma Houston 

Designer: Andrea Carr

Assistant / Costume Maker: Rosie Elliott-Dancs

Set Builder: Becky Firth  


Ensemble Cast: Hermi Berhane, Stephen Collins, Ace Mahbaz, Tessa Par, Sophie Stone, David Sands

 Commissioned by Greenwich & Docklands Festival and supported by Deaf Plus

The Liberty Festival September 2016, touring festivals in 2017

 Photo credits: David Monteith-Hodge

Other Photos where indicated: Andrea Carr

A piece of outdoor ensemble theatre addressing themes of migration, cultural and physical differences and social acceptance, by a company of D/deaf and hearing artists, actively engaging audiences in a playful, joyful experience. Emerging from a ‘volcano’ the travellers (who have been living below ground) wear a unique combination of foraged and adapted clothing (such as coat made from second hand overalls) and objects. Freed from the conventions of our society they see and use things afresh. Fearful of what they might encounter at the earths surface each has made a breathing apparatus fed by plants in recycled plastic containers.Suitcases and trunks provide raised performance areas as well as amplify themes of migration and belonging.

Sourced from Deptford secondhand market, charity shops and Traid, the design worked within the spirit of the piece, making clothes from what I found.