Sheer by Extant

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Uk’s only professional visually impaired              theatre company


Director/writer: Maria O’Shodi

Sound: Peter Boshier

Costume: Andrea Carr

Set: Stephanie Stromski

Dramaturg: Bulmer

Burlesque Advisor: Jo King

Caberet Advisor: Petra Massaey

Bifuckular: Heather Gilmore

Cataracto: Tim Gebbels

Miss Stagmus: Amelia Cavallo

Squint: Sarah Caltieri


Arena Wolverhampton

Stratford Circus & Arts Depot

2012                                                                                             with special thanks to Peter Williams

Set within an immersive pitch-black environment audience members are guided to their seats, voices in the dark and ‘strange’ sensory experiences surround them. Four unsuspecting ‘volunteers’ arrive for a mysterious meeting. What transpires is a darkly comic burlesque cabaret, as they become the guinea pigs of Dr Sheer’s evil ray, which brings out their deepest obsessions and fears. Masks and burlesque inspired costumes were created for the various stages of exposure to the ray becoming more and more grotesque. The costumes were the only visual component in in other wise totally dark show. The highly textured costumes were also designed to be tactile and were on display as part of a ‘touch tour’ after the show.

The costumes and masks explore body dysmorphia and personal obsession; Bifuckular is obsessed with ageing, surgery, Botox and her new designer vagina; Cataracto’s magic act only serves to high-light his effete attempts at masculinity, by the final blast of the ray he is consumed by snake-like wires; Miss Stagmus, the aerialist, whose vanity results in her decapitation as she becomes distorted by crashing through a mirror; Squint, who becomes Dr Ray’s unwitting accomplice evaporates into a black light strip but cannot escape and is eventually murdered, along with Dr Ray, by the others as white canes become deadly weapons and instruments of torture.