Creative Team

Performed and created by Double Trouble
Designer: Andrea Carr
Dramaturgy: Charles Adrian
Photography: Nina Carrington
Video: Monir El Haimar

2018 Tour includes: Streatham Project Space, No Way Home at Camden’s Peoples Theatre.

Double Trouble – Adventures In Black and White

Prompted by the refugee crisis, Judita Vivas and Miriam Gould (Double Trouble) created a piece with universal themes, Adventures in Black and White. It explores displacement using letters and stories from their own relatives (Stalin’s organised migration and Kindertransport) recounting tales of creative survival tactics. Over-head projection and soundscapes are used in an intimate physical performance that breaks the fourth wall.

My economic design brought a ‘sense of place’ and wider context to the piece supporting the narrative content to unfold. A rusty frame on noisy wheels, hangers and curtain, evoke different locations and trundling train journeys. I embedded the overarching (unspoken) narrative of the Holocaust and loss of ancestors within the costumes, through the use of multi-layered shirts, evoking the imagery of piles of discarded clothing. I am particularly touched by this piece as it relates to my own stories of displacement, as the daughter of a Jewish emigre.