Project Description

Rubbing Out

Species 1. Fish On A Friday – Wild Atlantic Salmon – ArtAction.

For Lost Species Day ‘19 – Fish on a Friday hosted by Studio 73 Brixton, in conjunction with ONCA Brighton.

A drawing of a Wild Atlantic Salmon now on the endangered species list was used in a participatory experiment. Set up outside Studio 73, in busy Brixton Market, passerby were invited to ‘rub out’ the drawing and investigate feelings surrounding the act of changing the image and its implications to a wider context. How would people engage? Inception of a new project, in collaboration with film maker Gemma Riggs.

The initial experiment produced some images and voice recordings of people’s reactions during the project. This proved to be heartfelt, moving and insightful.

The vision is to produce a number of drawings (maybe life sized) of different endangered species to use in art-interactions and video / record the engagement to create a intimate archive. This will culminate into an evolving exhibition of the altered artworks ( in their own right should be beautiful) and film / recordings with accompanying talks/ workshops held around the project themes.

Wild Atlantic salmon in crisis. … Of Northern Ireland’s 44 salmon rivers, 30 have populations that are either endangered or vulnerable, and 55 out of 76 salmon rivers in England and Wales are degraded. In Scotland, the species is endangered in over 30 per cent of salmon rivers.