Stuck formerly Journey to the Centre of the Earth – eco-project

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A work-in-progress presentation of Journey to the Centre of the Earth took place at the Pleasance Theatre, London in October 2015 (as part of ArtCOP21), followed by Q and A.  A full-length production is planned for 2017.  One of the costumes also had another outing (worn by Flavia Bertum) at the Omnibus Perception Festival – Voice INTERROBANG: ARTCOP21 opened by Vivienne Westward.

Creative Team: Ayesha Tansey and Flavia Bertram of HOAX joined by Kristoff Huball, Sabrina Manach, Lucy Claire (composer), Vanessa Hammick (dramaturge), Andrea Carr (set and costume)


An eco-scenography adventure using discarded camping equipment from UK’s Reading Festival  for HOAX Theatre’s new production Stuck exploring  and climate change.

Loosely based on Jules Verne’s epic adventure, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, starting in Iceland, three ‘wunderkind’ Geo-Scientists (Flavia Bertum, Ayesha Tansey and Sabrina Manach) from ‘MyGeoCorpse Mining Corporation’ set off in search of precious minerals. As they drill down through the earth’s layers their machinery breaks down, finding themselves lost in the darkness. As panic ensues, they continue on foot, delving deeper into the collective unconscious they begin to unearth the complexities of climate change.

 The brief for Journey to the Centre of the Earth was to design four layers of clothing for each Geo-Scientist. This was conceived as part of a series of dramaturgical revelations – with each layer progressing from extremities of cold (at the earths crust) to heat (at the core). Embracing the expedition spirit, I decided to use secondhand camping equipment for my concept.

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